Elisa Estrera

Episode 41: The Power of Listening in Resolving Learning Challenges – Paul Madaule

  In this Episode   Do you tend to message someone LOL, but really only laugh in your head? If so, then you’re missing out on a powerful listening therapy: hearing your voice. Our voice can be stimulating and energizing to our brain. This week’s podcast guest is Paul Madaule, author and founder of the…
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Episode 40: Missed Diagnosis and Overlapping Symptoms with APD – Dr. Elizabeth Geringer

  In this Episode   Are you familiar with auditory attention? That it could be confused with visual attention, and even executive function? It really takes a specialist to tease out those nuances. This week’s podcast guest is Dr. Elizabeth Geringer, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in neurodevelopmental, neuropsychological, and independent educational evaluations for children,…
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Episode 39: Connecting Early Speech and Language Issues to APD – Stacy Payne

  In this Episode   Did your child have trouble imitating sounds? This could be a warning sign of a speech and language issue. It could also be an indicator of an auditory processing issue. How can you imitate a sound that you just don’t understand? This is where the worlds of speech therapy and…
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