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123 North Lake Ave,
Suite 100
Pasadena CA 91101

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Monday - Friday:  9:00AM - 7:00PM

Saturday:  8:00AM - 3:00PM

Welcome to SLC @ Pasadena

Irene Lee - Pasadena Center Director
Irene Lee - Pasadena Center Director

Hello, my name is Irene Lee, the center director in Pasadena.

I wear several hats for the center including assessing prospective students, checking in on current student progress, mentoring and developing my staff, speaking and presenting for schools and organizations, and so much more.

My favorite part is directly connecting 1-1, whether that is with families, students, or staff!

I love how driven, aspirational, involved, and connected the Pasadena community is. It really feels like everyone is just so supportive of its community and wanting to connect on a deeper level to whatever it is they commit to.

I very much look forward to welcoming new clients into our Pasadena family!

Please attend our upcoming virtual Information Session where you can ask questions about our services, what to expect from a cognitive learning therapy session, and anything else that you might be curious about.

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street view of Pasadena location
Pasadena - Stowell Learning Center
waiting area with chairs in Pasadena
Pasadena Lobby
waiting area with chairs and wall clock in Pasadena
Pasadena Lobby
Pasadena activities room with equipment
Core Learning Skills Activity Area
Pasadena clinician conducting a remote session on the laptop
Remote Session
Pasadena Clinician with student at desk
In-Person Therapy Session
Pasadena student reading for Discover Reading Program
Discover Reading Program
Four Pasadena clinicians in a meeting
Conference Room

Customer Reviews for SLC @ Pasadena

Miss F.
Miss F.

My daughter attended Stowell a little over a year. I can't stress how much she has  improved in so many areas. The reading and comprehension is 100% on grade level. I'm so happy we decided to invest in the Stowell program. It is costly but worth the sacrifice. They have taught her important life skills in improving her Dyslexia and Auditory Processing Disorder. My child has confidence and willing to stand up for herself. The staff is amazing and flexible to work with. I hope they open a center in the Santa Clarita or San Fernando Valley area. Lots of children could benefit from their program. Trust me your child will improve!

John L.
John L.

Our son made progress after going to Stowell for two months.  With the help from Taylor, his writing seems to be improved after a month and sensory sensitivity seems to be lower than before.  We are so glad that Stowell opened this new location close where we live.  We are looking forward for future improvements.  Thank you all from Stowell Learning Center @Pasadena...

Emily L.
Emily L.

We've only been going to Stowell for a few months, but we've already seen improvement in our daughter's reading and learning endurance. She loves her clinicians, especially Joshua. The Center is very responsive and I appreciate their holistic approach, which welcomes the feedback and involvement of her regular school teachers. I also like that they are focused on a PERMANENT solution, not just a quick fix nor a therapy or drug that is long-term and ongoing. Our daughter said that when we have completed our time at Stowell, she wants to start all over because she likes it so much.

Xavier A.
Xavier A.

Stowell Learning Center has done an incredible job with our daughter. Her vocabulary has expanded, and her conversation skills have increased. We couldn't be happier with the work Mellissa, Rachel and Irene have done with our daughter. Our daughter had a speech assessment with a provider within our insurance company and goals were created. Four months late she began speech services with this provider and our daughter had already exceeded her goals and new goals were required. The only thing that had changed from her initial assessment to her start was her work at Stowell Learning Center. Thank you, Stowell Learning Center.


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