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Monday - Friday:  9:00AM - 7:00PM

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Welcome to SLC @ Chino

Jill Stowell
Jill Stowell - Executive Director and Chino Center Director

Hi, I’m Jill Stowell, Founder and Executive Director of Stowell Learning Centers. And also serving as Center Director for Stowell Learning Center in Chino.

Every day, I meet parents who are literally at their wit's end just trying to cope and help their kids survive school. It can be extremely frustrating and lonely trying to find answers.

That’s why, in 1984, I opened Stowell Learning Center: to help children and adults who were smart, but struggling get the kind of help that would make permanent changes. In the past 40 years we have helped over thousands of students and their families overcome the devastation of learning problems. Our students have gone from special education to graduation with honors, to college, and many even have masters and doctorate degrees.

Here is my promise to you: There are real and permanent solutions to learning problems, and I will do everything I can to help you understand and get the help you are looking for.

Please attend our upcoming virtual Information Session where you can ask questions about our services, what to expect from a cognitive learning therapy session, and anything else that you might be curious about.

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Street view of center in Chino
Chino - Stowell Learning Centers
chairs and front desk at Chino center
Front desk of Chino center
Front desk of Chino center
Resident Fish at Chino
Resident Fish
Chino clinicians in a meeting
Clinicians in a Meeting
Decoding Cards Activity for Dyslexia
Decoding Cards Activity for Dyslexia
Symbol Mastery Activity
Symbol Mastery Activity
Jill's office in Chino
Jill's Office
Visualization for Memory and Spelling
Visualizing letters and words builds visual memory and improves spelling
Quantum Reflex Integration Station
Quantum Reflex Integration Station
hallway lined with shelves of books with research and reference materials at Chino center
Hallway to the Evaluation Office and Treatment Areas
Clinician Greeting a Student
Clinician Greeting a Student

Customer Reviews for SLC @ CHINO

M B.
M B.

My son has been coming here about a month and loves it. He's really improved in comprehension at school and comes home excited to tell me what he's learned. It's a lot of work making sure he comes here 4 times a week plus at home exercises and the listening program, but I'm seeing big improvements in his academics and his ability to communicate his thoughts and retain information.

Photo of Stowell Learning Center - Chino, CA, United States
Victor A.
Victor A.

Our daughter was really struggling with school. An assessment at Stowell showed she had moderate dyslexia. After just one year at Stowell, she has made a complete 180 and recently got the best report card of her life. The program WORKS! She has new confidence that is helping her with every aspect in life. Simply amazing.

Marissa F.
Marissa F.

Javier and Allysa are our son’s clinicians. He has been attending Stowell for 7 months and has flourished in his program. We absolutely love what Stowell has to offer. Javier and Allysa have been a key part of his growth. Thank you both!

Aimee and Veronica are our daughter’s clinicians. While she is on the younger scale , we have seen a huge improvement with her focus and attention. She has been doing extremely well with her program here as well! We are so happy with the progress she has made! Thank you Veronica and Aimee! (Francesca also used to be our daughter’s clinician, and she was just as wonderful and a joy to have our daughter to work with her.)

Amber! She is the lovely lady at the front desk! She does so well managing the front and is just wonderful with our children! We appreciate you!

Thank you Stowell Learning Center for a positive and successful program for our children! We feel that we are in great hands here. I mention SLC to any parents who ask about additional educational support, and couldn’t recommend you enough. Thank you again.

Emma M.
Emma M.

My son has been attending Stowell Learning Center since 2016. Stowell started treating him for dyslexia at a young age before the school district would or could give him a proper IEP and diagnosis. He has worked with many therapists throughout the years. All have contributed to his growth. More recently he has been working with Regine and Francesca and he has made amazing progress. He reads independently now and he wants to take on challenges he never wanted to attempt in the past. I am grateful for all that Stowell has done to help my son. Finding the appropriate resources to assist a child struggling with dyslexia is very difficult. Stowell has offered the best programs and their dedicated staff has been the best fit for our family.


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