Summer 2023

Intensive Packages

Boost Your Confidence and Skills Before School Starts

Close the Academic Gap

Imagine making six-to-nine months of progress in only 8-weeks.

Make up for lost learning and improve grades at an accelerated pace. Students experience the added benefit of community through group activities with other neurodiverse thinkers just like being in a summer camp.

Improve Attention

Plus other key cognitive skills like comprehension, and mental processing

Process Faster

Think and react faster in school and social situations

Boost Confidence

Plus boost skills in reading, spelling, and math

Be Future-Ready

Increase college and test-taking readiness

Summer Intensive Reviews

Beatrice M.
Beatrice M.
Thousand Oaks Center Location

The Thousand Oaks location is new, and we are probably the first or second client. The center director Sharon Diep is open to sharing information and will look up info for me. She is very organized and is always assuring. She shows care to me as a parent and to my child. The clinician my child has is Hannah Bos. She is a newly trained clinician but shows confidence and knowledge. Her gentle demeanor makes my child feel comfortable and have fun. I am definitely noticing improvement after 3 full weeks. I am hopeful for a positive outcome at the end of the program. I will definitely recommend SLC and the Thousand Oaks location. The reasons for this location receiving 4 stars instead of 5 are: 1) this location is new, so results are not proven at this location yet 2) clinician is inexperienced; however, she is very good. I will review this location again in a few months to provide more insights.

Chino Center Location

My son has been coming here about a month and loves it. He's really improved in comprehension at school and comes home excited to tell me what he's learned. It's a lot of work making sure he comes here 4 times a week plus at home exercises and the listening program, but I'm seeing big improvements in his academics and his ability to communicate his thoughts and retain information.

Colleen A.
Colleen A.
Irvine Center Location

Julian has been a true gift to our son!!!!!  Stowell learning Center in Irvine did a fantastic job at picking the right clinician for our son who is 14 years old!  Our son has grown in so many ways because of how Julian worked with him.  Julian has a True Passion for helping kids, and making a real positive connection!  My son started with the intensive summer program, which was 4 hours a day for five days a week for 6 weeks.  My son only stated 2 times when he didn't want to go because he wanted to hang with his friends.   This was not normal for our son, and he really enjoyed going to Stowell and working with Julian.  This company really has a phenomenal clinician in Julian!!!!  Thank you again Julian for your genuine care and interest in making positive changes in our son!!!     May God continue to Bless you, always!

Clinician in a session

Who is it For?

  • Students age 7 and up who are struggling in school
  • Smart kids working below potential
  • Good students who are working too hard or too long
  • Students with dyslexia or other learning or attention challenges
  • College-bound students who need to boost their skills for higher test scores and success


You get the same quality service as our Signature Program just at an accelerated pace. During breaks, clinicians arrange fun group activities for the students.

Duration of intensive: 6-8 weeks

Frequency of sessions: Daily, Monday - Friday

Length of each session: 2-4 hours per session

Summer games at Irvine center

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Teen's Summer Intensive Program

Emma was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and depression. Even though her intelligence was well within the normal range, she was dramatically behind in all subject areas. She was very unaware socially, had difficulty with conversation, and had sensory integration issues that caused her to be very sensitive to certain foods and clothing.

She attended 3 hours per day, 5 days a week working one-to-one with a clinical team. 

Important Dates And Next Steps



Speak with a Learning Specialist to explain your child's needs, ask any questions you might have, and schedule a functional evaluation.

Schedule the functional evaluation ASAP as spots are filling up fast. 




Since each child has unique needs, we start with a comprehensive functional evaluation that tests the underlying processing and thinking skills such as motor coordination and auditory processing, as well as academic skills.

This enables us to create a tailored treatment plan that is the most efficient and effective route for your child to catch up academically.

The functional evaluation takes 2-4 hours. Treatment plans are designed and discussed with parents on the same day as the evaluation.

Schedule the functional evaluation ASAP as spots are filling up fast. 


BEGIN JUNE 5, 2023


The student begins the recommended 6-8 week treatment plan. He/she is the sole focus in each learning therapy session. One or two therapists may be present, but your child is guaranteed to be the only student in each session.

We expect that students will make changes every session. Therapies are continuously adapted and refined according to the student’s progress.

BEGIN JUNE 5, 2023



Clinicians are constantly adjusting the treatment plan according to how quickly the student progresses in each session.

More formal re-testing is done on a regular basis.



Summer Intensive Program
  • This is the starting price
  • Exact price depends on the number of hours recommended in the treatment plan
  • Hours are determined based on the results of the functional evaluation
Functional Evaluation
  • One-time fee required for new students
  • Fee waived for current students
***Special Savings
  • 10% tuition discount on all Intensive Packages
  • Bonus $500 Early Bird Discount when registration and deposit are received by April 15, 2023


We partnered with Your Tuition Solution, and have other financial resources available for your reference in our Financing page.

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Call us today or schedule an inquiry call with a Learning Specialist to start the process. We'll be more than happy to answer any additional questions you have.