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Signature Program

The Signature Program is a personalized treatment plan of cognitive learning therapies that are delivered one-to-one.

Each student begins with a comprehensive Functional Evaluation. Based on the results of the Functional Evaluation, the Evaluator determines the precise combination of cognitive learning therapies, hours and duration in the treatment plan.

Sessions are held 3-5 times per week for 1-2 hours per session.

Intensive Program

The Intensive Program is an accelerated version of the Signature Program.

This gives you the opportunity to dramatically accelerate learning progress by completing major portions of the treatment plan in a condensed time frame.

Sessions are held daily for 2-4 hours per session, approximately 6-8 weeks.

Service Details

Both the Signature and Intensive Programs include the following:


Functional Evaluation

Since each child has unique needs, we start with a comprehensive Functional Evaluation that tests the underlying processing and thinking skills such as motor coordination and auditory processing, as well as academic skills.

This enables us to create a personalized treatment plan that is the most efficient and effective route for your child to catch up academically.

The Functional Evaluation takes 2-4 hours, then treatment plans are designed. Within 1-2 business days of completing the Functional Evaluation, we discuss the recommended treatment plan with parents.


Personalized Treatment Plan

Based on the results of the Functional Evaluation, each student is given a treatment plan that is unique to their needs. This includes a precise combination of cognitive learning therapies that target the root of the learning challenges, hours and duration of treatment.


Team of Clinicians

A team of clinicians is assigned to each child. We match each child with the clinicians who specialize in the treatment your child needs. Our clinicians go through a rigorous selection and training process. They continuously train and learn new methods and approaches to delivering therapies.


Progress Checks

Clinicians are constantly adjusting the treatment plan according to how quickly the student progresses in each session.

More formal re-testing is done on a regular basis.


In-Person & Remote

Learning therapies are delivered in-person at one of our locations or remotely via video conference. Remote sessions begin with an onsite Functional Evaluation and an intensive jump start of 10 - 20 hours.


Parent Involvement

Parent feedback is important in our process and parents will always be kept in the loop regarding progress. Parents are encouraged to observe their child’s session monthly.

When parents are doing follow-up at home, we work with them as our teaching partners and supply the materials and coaching that they need to help their child.


Functional Evaluation
  • One-time fee
  • Required for new students

Signature Program
$1445 / Month*
$1445 / Month*
Intensive Program
$6720 / Intensive*
$6720 / Intensive*

*Program Price Details:

  • These are starting prices
  • Exact price depends on the recommended number of hours and program duration in the treatment plan
  • Details of the treatment plan are determined by the results of the Functional Evaluation



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