The Stowell Difference

You will get the most comprehensive approach to treating learning disabilities that are research-based, and clinically-proven.

Comprehensive Approach

The Learning Skills Continuum

We are the only company to provide cognitive learning therapies across the entire Learning Skills Continuum.

This comprehensive approach was developed at Stowell Learning Centers by Jill Stowell. It ensures that we can identify and treat all of the underlying skills that are at the root of learning and attention challenges.

Instead of a piecemeal approach, we are able to deliver treatment all in-house. No more having to go to various specialists for different therapies.

Since we are able to oversee the entire process and monitor progress, there is less likelihood that a weak processing skill will fall through the cracks.

Precise identification


Our 35+ years of clinical experience has helped us hone the ability to precisely identify all the weak underlying processes in our Functional Evaluation. The diagram demonstrates all the different skills we test.

Many students, after having been through multiple specialists and therapies, come to us with a misdiagnosis or missing diagnosis. A common example is that a new student will come in with a diagnosis of ADD. After a thorough Functional Evaluation, we find that the student also has dyslexia and an auditory processing disorder.

Symptoms of inattention can have many roots as is the case with all learning disabilities. In order to prevent what may look like a "relapse" which is actually an overlooked weak underlying process, we take great care in thorough and precise identification.



Unique Treatment Plan

Our main expertise is knowing which therapies to introduce, when to introduce them, and in what order. Most importantly, we also know at what intensity the student is able to handle to prevent burnout and regression. This is a highly individualized treatment plan  since no two brains are alike.

Once all of the weak underlying processes have been identified, then we can design a unique treatment plan that is the quickest, and most effective path to remediation.

A student's treatment plan will consist of a unique combination of therapies across the learning skills continuum as determined by the Functional Evaluation.

The goal is to treat the underlying skills that are causing the learning and attention challenges in order to permanently correct or eliminate the challenges associated with the learning disability. Accommodations will no longer be necessary.


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