Ronnie Gardiner Method®

Executive Function and Social Skills Groups

Brain Training Through Movement

Ronnie Gardiner Method®

Brain Training Through Movement

Weekly RGM Groups for all ages

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Executive Function  -  Attention  -  Social Skills  -  Memory

BUILD: Confidence, Motivation, Thinking Skills, Coordination



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Ronnie Gardiner Method

What is the Ronnie Gardiner Method®?


The Ronnie Gardiner Method®, (RGM) is a brain training method that is fun, engaging, and challenging.  Developed in the 1990s by drummer Ronnie Gardiner, this innovative approach to cognitive and motor rehabilitation combines rhythm, music, color, language, and movement.  It was designed to help children or adults with neurological or developmental challenges to improve cognitive and motor skills.  


RGM has been used to help individuals with a wide variety of challenges including:

    • ADHD 
    • Dyslexia
    • Learning Disabilities 
    • Developmental challenges
    • Neurological conditions, such as stroke, Parkinson's, and multiple sclerosis
    • Brain Fog / "Chemo Brain"
    • Traumatic brain injuries
    • Seniors aiming to maintain cognitive and motor agility
    • Healthy adults seeking a novel approach to mental and physical stimulation.


What Skills are Developed:

    • Cognitive Processing
    • Executive Function
    • Attention/Concentration
    • Balance/Coordination
    • Mobility/Motor Skills
    • Speech/Language Processing
    • Working Memory
    • Processing Speed
    • Self-Esteem & Social Skills
    • Emotional Regulation


RGM Improves:

    • Social Awareness
    • Social Connection
    • Motivation
    • Confidence
    • Mental Flexibility

Why the Ronnie Gardiner Method® is so Effective


MOVEMENT is the most basic foundation of learning. It helps increase perception, memory, language, emotion, and decision-making.


BRAIN INTEGRATION: The left and right hemispheres of the brain perform think differently. 


Right Hemisphere Thinking:

    • Verbal
    • Rational
    • Analytical
    • Linguistic skills
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Math
    • Details
    • Rhythm
    • Sense of individuality


Left Hemisphere Skills

    • Non-Verbal
    • Emotional
    • Intuitive
    • Creative
    • Perceives the “whole”
    • Visual-spatial
    • Imagination
    • Sense of color
    • Melody, intonation, and pulse
    • Sense of teamwork


To learn and function optimally, the two hemispheres must communicate easily and work together. The Corpus Callosum connects the left and right hemispheres and ensures that they exchange information.  


RHYTHM AND TIMING: Timing is inherent in everything. Repetitive, rhythmic movement is calming, regulating, and organizing.


MUSIC: Studies show that music activates nearly every area in the brain in a way that movement or language alone cannot.


EXECUTIVE FUNCTION: By combining language, movement, rhythm, and music in repetitive and changing patterns, executive function skills are built:

  • Focusing
  • Forethought
  • Noticing details and patterns
  • Working memory, shifting
  • Self-monitoring and self-correction
  • Emotional regulation


SOCIAL SKILLS: The social setting of the RGM groups stimulates awareness of self and others, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment and connection.




RGM Kids & RGM Homeschool

Groups meet once a week on a monthly subscription basis.

$97/month for one child

$167/month for 2+ kids from the same immediate family

RGM Kids (Ages 7 - 17):

Join at any time!

Wednesdays 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


RGM Homeschool (all ages):

RGM Homeschool starts August 9, 2024

Fridays 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.


RGM Adult

Classes meet once a week for 6 weeks.

$147 per 6 week class

RGM Adult (Ages 16+):

Next Class: August 23 - September 27, 2024

Fridays 11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

RGM Comes to the U.S.

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Ronnie Gardiner Method®


This scientifically proven cognitive training approach has been widely used in Europe and Scandinavia over the last 30 years.

It was introduced in the US in 2023 and Jill Stowell became the first certified RGM trainer in the US.

Jill Stowell becomes the first certified RGM trainer in the U.S.
Jill Stowell becomes the first certified RGM trainer in the U.S.

We are so honored to premier RGM groups at Stowell Learning Center. 

The training supports all levels of our Learning Skills Continuum and offers an opportunity to provide group experiences for increasing executive function, social skills, regulation, and cognitive enhancement.

“Rhythm is life,

and life is rhythm.”

- Ronnie Gardiner


In the episode of the LD Expert Podcast below, Jill Stowell explains the revolutionary Ronnie Gardiner Method®, and she highlights a new 6-Week Young Adult Executive Function & Social Skills RGM Groups starting at Stowell Learning Centers in February.

Watch till the end to see a demonstration by Ronnie Gardiner!

(Original demonstration video here)