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Episode 49: Is My Child Dyslexic? Am I? – Jill Stowell

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    In this episode of the LD Expert Podcast, we’re discussing dyslexia - what it is and how to determine if you or your child might have this thinking style that can be both a challenge and a gift.

    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • What dyslexia is
    • Key characteristics of dyslexia
    • Dyslexia can appear to be a comprehension problem

    Episode Highlight

    "Having dyslexia or a learning disability can be quite traumatic. These kids go to school every day afraid that they will be singled out in front of the class and embarrassed by their poor reading, spelling, or slow work. They live in fear that their peers will notice that they can’t do the work.

    Recognizing dyslexia helps you, your child, and the teacher understand that this is not your child’s fault, or the result of laziness or lack of motivation. That change in perspective will make a huge difference."

    - Jill Stowell



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