What is the Self-Determination Program?

If you are a client of the Regional Center, you are eligible for the Self-Determination Program.


Self-Determination was developed as a voluntary alternative to the traditional way of providing regional center services and is intended to offer people more freedom and control over how their services are provided. It's about being in control, making your own decisions on what services and programs you want, and spending money your way.


How is the Self Determination Program different than the traditional program?

Self-determination provides flexibility in choosing your services, supports, and providers.


To participate in the Self Determination program, a person must:

  • Be eligible for Regional Center services
  • Attend an Orientation to the Self-Determination Program (look this up on the Regional Center site, and ask your Coordinator for more info)


Stowell works with clients who are in The Self-Determination Program.  We work with all Self Determination Financial Management Systems.

Independent Facilitators help you transition from the Traditional Program to Self Determination. For more information, contact:


Our goal for students is that they become the most comfortable, confident, and independent learners that they can be. The development of underlying neurodevelopmental, processing, and executive function skills helps individuals increase body awareness and control, regulation and attention, comprehension, communication, and independence.


Following a Functional Academic and Learning Skills Assessment, an individual Cognitive Learning Therapy Plan is created for the student.



Key areas of focus for individuals utilizing Self-Determination programming are:

Adaptive Skills:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-management
  3. Social awareness & skills
  4. Relationship skills
  5. Responsible decision-making
  6. Understanding and using verbal and nonverbal language
  7. Self-Direction – problem-solving, exercising choice, initiating and planning activities
  8. Self Regulation.
  9. Emotional regulation
  10. Comprehension and communication skills

Executive Functioning:

  1. Visual inner language
  2. Verbal inner language
  3. Working memory and verbal working memory
  4. Organization
  5. Time orientation
  6. Patterns and relationships
  7. Problem solving
  8. Reasoning
  9. Strategizing
  10. Using information
  11. Making connections
  12. Logic and reasoning
  13. Relevance vs non-relevance
  14. Planning
  15. Study skills
  16. Test-taking strategies
  17. Self-monitoring and management of attention and behavior (self-control, self-regulation, attentional control, emotional regulation, cognitive flexibility)
  18. Social awareness / tact


Please complete the registration form to begin the enrollment process. You will be emailed clear instructions for how to submit a Vendor Service Agreement with your Financial Management Service (FMS).