LD Expert Podcast

Executive Function – Series 1

    This 4-episode series is intended to give you a strong foundation in Executive Function.

    You’ll learn what it is, the underlying skills needed, how to develop it, and how to sustain that development.



    Episode 10: Understanding Executive Function – Seth Perler

    • What Executive Function really is
    • How emotions and resistance can impact executive function
    • A simple framework for developing executive function in kids, teens and adults


    Episode 11: Executive Function: The Critical Underlying Skills – Lauren Ma

    • When executive function development begins and when it’s fully developed
    • 2 critical underlying skills of executive function
    • How to test for strength or weakness in those underlying skills
    • Intro to strategies to develop those underlying skills


    Episode 12: Build Your Child’s Executive Function – Sarah Ward

    • How the Pandemic has impacted students’ Executive Function
    • Practical strategies for parents to help their kids build Executive Function skills and situational awareness
    • Fun and simple exercises to develop time management, organization, problem-solving, decision making, & social skills


    Episode 13: Executive Function: 7 Keys to Sustain Development – Briana Hurst

    • A framework for growing independent kids and sustaining executive function development
    • Apply neuroscience to improving motivation and thinking
    • Use a step by step strategy to problem-solve with your kids