LD Expert Podcast

Episode 11: Executive Function: The Critical Underlying Skills – Jill Stowell and Lauren Ma

    In this episode:

    • When executive function development begins and when it’s fully developed
    • How to test for strength or weakness in those underlying skills
    • Intro to strategies to develop those underlying skills

    Episode highlight:

    “Having a high IQ is NOT a guarantee for strong executive functioning.”

    Lauren Ma, Director of Growth and Operations at Stowell Learning Centers, shares that having superior skills and intelligence, like a great photographic memory, can actually inhibit the development of executive function.

    The person would rather rely on his/her memory to remember details, times and dates instead of learning how to organize the details in a planner. This can place too much stress on the memory, and can limit how much more this person can do.


    Questions Answered in This Episode:

    • My son procrastinates all the time, is it an executive function issue?
    • Any artistic games/activities to help with visualization?
    • What if the child doesn’t want to listen?