LD Expert Podcast

Episode 13: Executive Function: The 7 Keys to Sustain Development – Jill Stowell with Briana Hurst

    In this episode:

    • A framework for growing independent kids and sustaining executive function development
    • Apply neuroscience to improving motivation and thinking
    • Use a step by step strategy to problem-solve with your kids

    Episode highlight:

    Build, don’t be their executive function.

    In this week’s podcast spotlight, we give examples for developing executive function that are age-appropriate because the same strategies that worked when the child was 7 shouldn’t be the same ones they use when they’re 25. As the child gets older the questions we ask to activate their visual inner language become more open-ended, thus empowering the child to become a more independent and assertive adult.

    Questions Answered in This Episode:

    • I have provided my daughter with a planner, but she does not use it. How can I encourage her to use it?
    • When I try to find out what my son needs, he doesn’t know or doesn’t know how to express it. Any suggestions?
      How does this type of planning work with a child with a language impairment?
      My daughter is a senior in high school, and she shuts down questions. What can I do?
    • How do I find out what executive function issues my kids or myself are challenged with?