LD Expert Podcast

Episode 10: Understanding Executive Function – Seth Perler

    In this episode:

    • What Executive Function really is
    • How emotions and resistance can impact executive function
    • A simple framework for developing executive function in kids, teens and adults

    Episode highlight:

    “Any [executive function] intervention that fails to address ‘resistance’ is missing a massive opportunity to serve these kids.”

    In this week’s episode, Seth Perler shares his approach in developing executive function. What isn’t commonly talked about is that there is a mindset and emotional component.

    Surprisingly, the two things that need to be in place for successful executive function development: rapport with the coach (Ex. secure attachment), and emotional regulation.

    Tune in to learn more about how he builds rapport and approaches emotional regulation.


    Questions Answered in This Episode:

    • How do you go from a resistance mindset to a “can do” mindset?
    • Do you have advice for addressing social consequences of executive function issues?
    • How can we help young ones develop good systems?
    • How can we apply this to older children and adults?