LD Expert Podcast

Dyslexia – Series 1

    This 4-episode series is intended to give you a strong foundation in how to identify and treat dyslexia so that learning becomes easier and more enjoyable.

    You'll learn that the challenges associated with dyslexia can be permanently eliminated or dramatically improved without affecting the brilliant way a dyslexic mind thinks. You'll also get to hear firsthand from dyslexic students how they were able to overcome their learning challenges.


    Episode 1: Recognizing Dyslexia with Dr. Dan Peters

    Could you or your child be a "Stealth Dyslexic"?

    In this episode, Dr. Dan talks about dyslexia from a professional and personal perspective. His children have dyslexia, and he didn't find out that he also had dyslexia until after his children were assessed. Learn about how to socially and emotionally support the dyslexic thinker, and how to navigate accommodating vs enabling.


    Episode 2: Understand and Support your Dyslexic Learner with Jill Stowell and Lauren Ma

    Jill Stowell and Lauren Ma dive deeper into the approach and methodology they use at Stowell Learning Centers to identify and treat specific types of dyslexia. You will learn about the processing skills and core learning skills that need targeted treatment. And most importantly, how to support your dyslexic thinker with therapies that are more effective than tutoring.


    Episode 3: Dyslexia Success Stories with Sissy and Hudson

    In this week’s episode, we feature two students from Stowell Learning Center who now claim that dyslexia is their super power. Dyslexic thinkers have such a gift for 3D spatial awareness which makes them very good at creating structures like with Legos. However, it’s this same gift that can make it difficult for them to read words on a flat plane.

    Listen to the stories direct from families about what it was like doing targeted learning therapies at Stowell, and how they overcame the challenges of dyslexia.


    Episode 4: The Upside of Dyslexia with Dean Bragonier

    This week’s podcast guest, Dean Bragonier, talks about unlocking the amazing potential of dyslexics. This has profound effects when they’re empowered at an early age to play to their strengths. His non-profit, NoticeAbility, seeks to help dyslexics build confidence and own the dyslexic label with pride.