LD Expert Podcast

Episode 2: Understand and Support your Dyslexic Learner with Jill Stowell and Lauren Ma

    In this episode:

    Jill Stowell and Lauren Ma dive deeper into the approach and methodology they use at Stowell Learning Centers in identifying and treating specific types of dyslexia. You will learn about the processing and core learning skills that need targeted treatment, and how to support your dyslexic thinker with therapies that are more effective than tutoring.

    Episode highlight:

    “It makes you realize how much mental energy they’re using to compensate all the time.” – Jill Stowell

    Jill and Lauren talk about how a dyslexic mind is wired differently from the majority of their peers. They use a lot of energy just trying to keep up with a way of thinking and learning that isn’t efficient for their dyslexic mind which is why some come home from school so exhausted or even yawn excessively.


    Bonus Q&A:

    • Is it ever too late to correct dyslexia?
    • What accommodations can be made for students with dyslexia?
    • Can dyslexia affect spelling?

    And many more questions answered in the Bonus Q&A with Jill Stowell and Lauren Ma below.