Episode 1: Recognizing Dyslexia with Dr. Dan Peters

    In this episode:

    Could you or your child be a “Stealth Dyslexic”? In this episode, Dr. Dan talks about dyslexia from a professional and personal perspective. His children have dyslexia, and he didn’t find out that he also had dyslexia until after his children were assessed. Learn about how to socially and emotionally support the dyslexic thinker, and how to navigate accommodating vs enabling.

    Episode highlight:

    “I need you to do this for 5-minutes on your own, I’ll be right here, and then I will help you. Kids just get used to us doing things for them and that ends up being a disservice to them as they get older…” – Dr. Dan Peters

    In this week’s podcast episode, Dr. Dan Peters demonstrates how to keep accommodating from becoming enabling. Although the topic is dyslexia, this can apply to so many parenting situations.


    Bonus Q&A:

    • I have a 10-year old that can read well, but spelling and writing is an issue. Could this be dyslexia?
    • How to help a child that won’t read because she’d rather be bad than look stupid?
    • How to help kids with dyslexia cope with bullying?
    • How can I help a child that won’t read because she’d rather be bad than look stupid?

    And many more questions answered in the Bonus Q&A with Dr. Dan Peters below.


    2022-020122 Podcast FEBRUARY - Week 1 Episode 1-05

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