LD Expert Podcast

Episode 3: Dyslexia Success Stories with Sissy and Hudson

    In this episode:

    In this week’s episode, we feature two students from Stowell Learning Center who now claim that dyslexia is their super power. Dyslexic thinkers have such a gift for 3D spatial awareness which makes them very good at creating structures like with Legos, but it’s this same gift that can make it difficult for them to read words on a flat plane. Listen to the stories from families about what it was like doing targeted learning therapies at Stowell and how they overcame the challenges of dyslexia.

    Episode highlight:

    “We invest in their future, but she wasn’t going to have that easy path unless I invested in this therapy. This was the link that was going to take her on a normal path of school.” – Shelley Varela

    In this week’s episode, Shelly, Sissy’s mom, shares that it was a big change, and at times, a struggle while Sissy was doing her targeted learning therapy. But that was all worth it because she could picture 2-3 years from now if Sissy didn’t do it.

    Bonus Q&A:

    • What does it feel like to have dyslexia?
    • Are slow processing skills a sign of dyslexia?
    • At what point do most families see changes in their training?

    And many more questions answered in the Bonus Q&A with Jill Stowell below.