LD Expert Podcast

Episode 4: The Upside of Dyslexia with Dean Bragonier

    In this episode:

    This week’s podcast guest, Dean Bragonier, talks to us about unlocking the amazing potential of dyslexics when they’re empowered at an early age to play to their strengths. His non-profit, NoticeAbility, seeks to help dyslexics build confidence and own the dyslexic label with pride.

    Episode highlight:

    “You can’t have an overconfident, illiterate dyslexic and call them empowered. Nor can you have a fully literate, insecure dyslexic and call them empowered. It’s the joining of those two factions that needs to happen in order to give the holistic experience.” – Dean Bragonier

    In this episode, Dean Bragonier, talks about how he needs professionals like Jill Stowell to help dyslexics thrive academically so that he can empower them to apply their dyslexic gifts to real world situations like entrepreneurship and architecture.


    Bonus Q&A:

    • Is there an age limit to when a child should be tested?
    • My dyslexic daughter is very empathetic, and the teachers are saying she’s very sensitive and recommending she get evaluated for therapy. Any advice?
    • Any post high school recommendations that cater to a dyslexic thinking style?

    And many more questions answered in the Bonus Q&A with Dean Bragonier and Jill Stowell below.