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Eliminate Academic Stress and the Need for Coping Strategies

We were working on reading in phrases and she was going along well, when her face started to crumple, her eyes filled with tears, and she began breathing very quick, shallow breaths.  The stress reaction was becoming full-blown very quickly. Just as quickly, when distracted from the task, 10-year-old Serena recovered and became her friendly,…
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From Struggle to Flight

From Struggle to Flight Dragon’s Teeth in Maui is one of my favorite places in the world.  Here in the coves created by lava flow, you can see sea turtles battling the currents and undertow as the waves pound in and out.  They are incredibly resilient and just keep going no matter how much they…
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Pediatrician of the Month- Sept. 2017

PARENTS:  Here’s Someone You Need to Know Dr. Raimel Perez-Pasiliano When we meet an amazing professional who works with kids, we want you to know about it! Dr. Rai has been a favorite pediatrician of our families for many years.  She … Puts children at ease Listens to parents Goes out of her way to…
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