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Some Random Thoughts About Dad

Whenever I stand on the edge of a lake or river, I find myself picking up small, flat rocks to skip across the water.  I have a very special memory of my dad teaching me to skip rocks at Yellowstone Lake when I was probably 7 or 8 years old. Father’s Day is coming up,…
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Frankie’s Story- The Catalyst for Change

Last week I attended a media training event and was interviewed by Mike Koenigs.  He asked me about the root of my passion for correcting learning and attention challenges.  And I remembered a student, a 12-year-old boy… Thirty-five years ago, I was teaching special education in a public school when Frankie slouched through my door. …
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Reclaim Self-Esteem by Overcoming Learning Challenges

I was at the ice rink to watch a hockey game, but a 4-year-old girl and her 2-year-old brother totally upstaged the game as they exuberantly raced up and down in front of the bleachers! Aren’t little kids great!  They embrace life with gusto and pull everyone around them into their adventure. As kids grow,…
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