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Pediatrician of the Month- Sept. 2017

PARENTS:  Here’s Someone You Need to Know Dr. Raimel Perez-Pasiliano When we meet an amazing professional who works with kids, we want you to know about it! Dr. Rai has been a favorite pediatrician of our families for many years.  She … Puts children at ease Listens to parents Goes out of her way to…
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Some Random Thoughts About Dad

Whenever I stand on the edge of a lake or river, I find myself picking up small, flat rocks to skip across the water.  I have a very special memory of my dad teaching me to skip rocks at Yellowstone Lake when I was probably 7 or 8 years old. Father’s Day is coming up,…
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Frankie’s Story- The Catalyst for Change

Last week I attended a media training event and was interviewed by Mike Koenigs.  He asked me about the root of my passion for correcting learning and attention challenges.  And I remembered a student, a 12-year-old boy… Thirty-five years ago, I was teaching special education in a public school when Frankie slouched through my door. …
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