Jill Stowell

Take a Break!

Recess is NOT just for school If you’re like me, you’re frantically trying to get presents wrapped and packages sent.  Here’s a gift you can give yourself and your kids in this last week before Christmas, and going forward into the new year:  a quick break to refresh and regroup. Learning to take a break…
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Maui Moments Anytime, Anyplace

I woke up this morning in one of my favorite places in the whole world – Maui.  In fact, as we speak, I can see giant sea turtles popping up and down in the surf just feet away from the deck where I’m sitting.  (I know, it’s pretty pathetic to be working on my computer…
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Hooray For Dads!

Last weekend was Father’s Day, and so, naturally, I was thinking about my dad. Good memories. When I was growing up, my dad was very supportive, but was never really involved with my homework because homework was done and dinner ready by the time he got home from work. For many years after I started…
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