LD Expert Podcast

Episode 15: Living and Thriving with ADD – Makayla Caliendo

    In this Episode

    • Makayla Caliendo talks about her experience growing up with ADD
    • What helped create a significant shift in her ability to cope 
    • Tips about what she has done to help her to focus in school
    • Advice for how parents and teachers can help their student with ADD

    Episode Highlight

    “My parents wouldn’t shame me because they know it’s not my fault. My teacher would never yell at me for having ADD. I can’t control it.” – Makayla Caliendo

    It’s really difficult to imagine what life is like with ADD when you don’t have it. This means that oftentimes we mistakenly treat it like a behavioral issue that needs discipline. Fortunately, more teachers and parents are becoming aware of ADD symptoms and approaching students with more patience and compassion. This can have such a profound effect on students, as is the case with Makayla.


    Bonus Q&A

    What’s important for parents to know to better support their child with ADD or ADD-like symptoms?

    According to Makayla, it is to have plenty of patience, and reset your expectations of school performance as your child is learning to cope with ADD/ADHD. Most importantly, acknowledge and validate the child’s efforts.