LD Expert Podcast

Attention Challenges and Core Learning Skills – Series 1

    This podcast series is an introduction to Core Learning Skills which are the foundational skills needed for higher skills like learning and attention.

    You'll learn what it's like to have ADD/ADHD, and how it can be linked to retained primitive reflexes. You'll learn about the Core Learning Skills Training program that's used to integrate retained reflexes which can help lessen the challenges that come with ADD/ADHD.



    Core Learning Skills Training

    Demo - Core Learning Skills Rhythm and Timing

    Core Learning Skills Rhythm and Timing Core Learning Skills Rhythm Timing Demo

    Difficulties in rhythm and timing can affect our ability to focus, coordinate, plan and organize which overlap with Executive Function issues and ADHD.

    Core Learning Skills Training consists of different exercises with the goal of improving body awareness and coordination amongst many other things. The exercises become more complex as the student advances. View our Core Learning Skills page to learn more about this program.


    Episode 14

    Autism or ADHD: Why Girls Get Missed - Dr. Monica Blied

    • Why Autism and ADHD are often missed, especially in girls
    • The impact of a late or missed diagnoses
    • Signs that your young adult may need some help
    • 3 Subtypes of ADHD


    Episode 15

    Living and Thriving with ADD - Makayla Caliendo

    • Makayla Caliendo talks about her experience growing up with ADD
    • What helped create a significant shift in her ability to cope 
    • Tips about what she has done to help her to focus in school
    • Advice for how parents and teachers can help their student with ADD


    Episode 16

    How Retained Reflexes Impact Behavior & Learning - Jill Stowell & Lauren Ma

    • What it looks like when a child has retained reflexes
    • Reasons why reflexes don't integrate
    • How retained reflexes impact learning and can be linked to learning disabilities and attention challenges like ADD/ADHD
    • How to integrate retained primitive reflexes with Core Learning Skills Training