LD Expert Podcast

Episode 14: Autism or ADHD – Why Girls Get Missed with Dr. Monica Blied


    In This Episode


    • Why Autism and ADHD are often missed, especially in girls
    • The impact of late or missed diagnoses
    • Signs that your young adult may need some help
    • 3 Subtypes of ADHD


    Episode Highlight


    "Getting good grades doesn't mean you don't have ADHD or autism. It just means that you figured out how to manage the system."

    Many parents come to us not knowing why their bright child is struggling in school. Dr. Blied shares that many people have unknowingly developed brilliant coping strategies that mask their ADHD or autism and thus have gone undiagnosed. Managing this neuro-difference into adulthood is a huge feat that should be commended.

    However, when our routines and regular environment have been disrupted - quarantine, a new job, going to a new school - the coping mechanisms we developed over the years fall away. This is why we’re now seeing a huge rise in adults being diagnosed with ADHD or autism.





    Bonus Q&A

    • What are some good questions to ask when you are getting an evaluation for ADHD or Autism?
    • When is the best age to evaluate a child?
    • I’m trying to tell the doctor about my daughter’s whole story, but the doctors are not listening. What do I need to say to the doctors and school to test her so she can try?
    • Why is it so difficult to get a diagnosis? As a mom, I had to do my own research for all of my kids and that takes a long time since I’m not the expert.
    • What to do if your daughter is incorrectly diagnosed?