LD Expert Podcast

Episode 16: How Retained Reflexes Impact Behavior & Learning – Jill Stowell & Lauren Ma

    In this Episode

    • What it looks like when a child has retained reflexes
    • Reasons why reflexes don't integrate
    • How retained reflexes impact learning
    • How to integrate retained primitive reflexes with Core Learning Skills Training

    Episode Highlight

    “If your child is getting appropriate interventions and they're not making the changes that you expected they would make, the answer is probably lower on the learning skills continuum because lower brain functions support the higher level functions.” - Jill Stowell

    In this week’s episode, we get to the bottom of the Learning Skills Continuum, literally the bottom rung in the ladder. You’ll learn about the most foundational skills that are critical to learning, and that are often overlooked even by  some developmental pediatricians. 


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    Bonus Q&A

    Are there things that parents of toddlers and young children should be doing to help integrate reflexes?

    The short answer is give them opportunities to really move. Whether that’s tummy time for toddlers or running, and jumping for young children. Let them explore how their bodies work. Movement has such a profound impact on learning, and is just as impactful as educational games on iPads and other devices.

    Other questions, and more, in the Bonus Q&A:

    • What’s the timeframe for seeing results with QRI?
    • When should these reflexes start to integrate?
    • Is it too late for a 10 year old to get help with retained reflexes?