LD Expert Podcast

Auditory Processing Disorders – Series 1

    This 5-episode series is intended to give you a strong foundation in Auditory Processing Disorders (APD).

    • We introduce auditory processing and how we approach remediating the challenges.
    • Then you'll meet Adalyn Smith, a teenager who has been living with APD will give us a first-hand account of what she experiences day-to-day. 
    • Alex Doman, founder of Advanced Brain Technologies and developer of the listening programs we use to remediate APD will explain how sound frequencies can be used therapeutically to reduce stress and enhance learning.
    • Lita Hsia, a parent of a child with APD who attended Stowell Learning Center shares her perspective of the struggles and success in overcoming APD.
    • Audiologist, Dr. Cydney Fox, will explain the science of auditory processing, what to expect from auditory testing, and where to get tested.



    Episode 5

    Auditory Processing, The Hidden Disability - Jill Stowell

    • Common symptoms of APD
    • Our approach to remediating the challenges of APD
    • The science of sound and how music can be used therapeutically

    More resources and a bonus Q&A with Jill here.


    Episode 6

    Living with Auditory Processing Disorder - Adalyn Smith

    • What it’s really like living with APD in high school
    • How Adalyn advocates for herself at school
    • Which accommodations work and don’t work for her
    • Tips and advice for navigating social life

    More resources and a bonus Q&A with Adalyn here.


    Episode 7

    Using Music to Improve Learning and Reduce Stress - Alex Doman

    • How different sound frequencies impact our mood and brain power in different ways
    • The connection between music and auditory processing
    • Listening programs that were developed as a therapeutic tool for stress, and for training the brain

    More resources and a bonus Q&A with Alex here.


    Episode 8

    Parent's Perspective: Discovering and Overcoming Auditory Processing Disorders - Lita Hsia

    • Lita’s lonely and confusing journey to discovering that her child had and auditory processing disorder (APD)
    • The profound changes she saw once her child started therapy for APD
    • How APD had impacted her family

    More resources and a bonus Q&A with Lita here.


    Episode 9

    Auditory Processing: Testing and Practical Next Steps - Dr. Cydney Fox

    • The science of what needs to happen for the brain to receive and understand a word
    • How to approach the school and explain that your child needs to be tested
    • What to expect from auditory testing
    • Where to get tested, and what programs can help remediate APD

    More info and resources from Dr. Cydney here.