LD Expert Podcast

Episode 6: Living with Auditory Processing Disorder with Adalyn Smith

    In this episode:

    Huh? What? Can you hear me now? No one is immune to a bad cell phone connection, but imagine living that way 24/7.

    So what is it really like living with APD? 

    In this week’s podcast spotlight you’ll meet Adalyn Smith, a high schooler who was diagnosed with APD in grade school. She shares her day-to-day experiences of living with APD, the mental exhaustion, the challenges of being in social situations, and how she gained confidence over the years in demanding her rights to a level playing field in education. 

    When this episode was recorded, Adalyn had only been accommodating her APD. She now does auditory training at Stowell Learning Center, and we look forward to sharing her progress. 

    What you’ll learn in this episode:

    • What it’s really like living with APD in high school
    • How Adalyn advocates for herself at school
    • Which accommodations work and don’t work for her
    • Tips and advice for navigating social life

    Episode highlight:

    “Find out how your body works, and how much time you need for homework, social time and sleep. Because all of that is so crucial to get through your day.” – Adalyn Smith

    In this episode, Adalyn shares how important developing her self awareness was to just getting through the day. Any type of processing disorder, including APD, is taxing to the brain. The extreme focus and concentration that’s needed for 1-hour can deplete you for the rest of the day.


    Bonus Q&A:

    Do you have tips for teens who need to learn how to advocate for themselves?

    The short answer is baby steps. Start with something small like an email to build confidence.

    Other questions in this episode:

    • What can parents say to encourage their teens to advocate for themselves?
    • How can you educate teachers and staff about APD?
    • What are resources for parents who suspect that they might also have APD?

    Tune into the Bonus Q&A below.