Parents: There is Hope and Real Solutions for Learning and Attention Challenges, Including Dyslexia


What Makes Us Different?

We do what schools and tutoring don’t.

We specialize in treating the root problem of learning & attention challenges by developing the weak, underlying processing & learning skills.

No More Band-Aid approaches—get to the root of the problem so that you can get your confident, independent student back!

Research Based Strategies

We work one to one with children and adults with various learning and attention challenges including:

Dyslexia                                                          Executive Function

Auditory Processing Disorders           Processing Skills

Learning Disabilities                                Comprehension

Attention Deficit                                         Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math

Research and our 34 years of experience show us that with specialized training the brain can learn to think and process information in more effective ways. Adults and children can overcome their learning challenges permanently but it takes more than special education or a traditional tutor.

If you NEED this year to be better. . . If you’re ready for dramatic and permanent changes . . .

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