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Overview of Resources
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    Strategy guide to help your students with reading, comprehension and memory, spelling, writing, math, studying and focus.

    The Learning Skills Continuum Ladder was developed by Stowell Learning Center founder, Jill Stowell. 

    It ensures that we can identify and treat the underlying skills that are at the root of learning and attention challenges.

    Download the full 3-page Continuum to understand why getting to the root of the problem is critical for making permanent change, and find categorized lists of learning skills at each "rung" of the ladder.

    Click to learn more about how we use the Learning Skills Continuum and why it sets us apart.

    These functional indicators of a learning disability are based on Stowell Learning Center’s extensive experience with the evaluation and treatment for children and adults with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning disabilities.

    Tools & Strategy Guides

    Functional indicators of an auditory processing problem based on Stowell
    Learning Center’s extensive experience with evaluation and treatment of children and adults with learning or attention challenges related to auditory processing.

    Accommodations to Support Students with Auditory Processing Challenges

    The 7 different types of dyslexia defined by the underlying skills that are impacted.

    Classroom accommodations and modifications as a temporary support for your dyslexic learner.

    Key characteristics and strategies to support your students who may have dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD.


    🎧 LD Expert Podcast: "Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and ADHD"

    A list of the most common functional characteristics of dyslexia based on Stowell Learning Centers' extensive experience with evaluation and treatment for children and adults with dyslexia.

    All of our favorite Executive Function tools and strategies compiled into one handy cheat sheet.

    Free Resources to Share with Parents

    #1 Amazon Bestseller "At Wit's End" is a lifeline to parents who have bright children who struggle in school.

    These students are often misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and left alone to cope.

    Inside these pages you will find two things you won't find anywhere else: an explanation behind what is happening with students who struggle, and answers to actually solving the problems...permanently. 

    Over 100 stories from families who overcame the difficulties of their learning and attention challenges with the help of Stowell Learning Center.


    Emotional accounts from parents about the journey they went through to find the right solution for their child,  and the inspiring success stories from their children who attended Stowell Learning Centers.

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    Jill interviews two families from Stowell Learning Centers, Nicola and James White, and Christine and Hudson Wories. Both families share their journey to discovering their learning challenges, the cognitive learning therapies they did, and the results.

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    Lita Hsia, a former parent at Stowell Learning Centers, shares her long journey to make sense of her child's struggles, find real answers, and stay the course to success.

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    Jill speaks with Sissy, a dyslexic student at Stowell Learning Centers, who is now an author of her own chapter book. Shelley, Sissy's mom, shares how she discovered the root behind Sissy's struggles at school and what it was like attending Stowell Learning Center.

    Adalyn Smith, a student at Stowell Learning Center, shares her journey from accommodating her auditory processing disorder to treating it's root cause, and the changes that she is experiencing.

    Andrea Cangialosi-Monaly shares how her son had been in and out of different specialists and treatments for years with no success until they finally took a leap of faith and enrolled at Stowell Learning Centers.

    Seth Perler - Executive Function and 2E Coach - breaks down some time-saving strategies for parents and teachers to help build executive function skills with their kids and get student buy-in at the start of the new school year.

    Plus, hear Seth's empowering message to kids, and learn about TEFOS - The Executive Function Online Summit (an annual virtual event hosted by Seth Perler)