Lessons in Organization from the Circus

This weekend we went to the Ringling Brothers, Barnum, and Baily’s Circus.  Besides being truly amazed and a little bit terrified by some of the acts, I was struck by the incredible amount of organization involved. Everything ran like clockwork and everyone and everything was in its place, right down to the shovels and buckets…
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Watch Out for the Technology Trap!

This adorable picture of 19-month old Jaxon matching letters on an iPad was posted by his mom on Instagram this week. Isn’t it amazing what technology can offer our kids these days.  Even more amazing is how adept kids (even toddlers) are with it!  It’s mind-boggling! What fun it is to see the problem-solving, attention,…
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You Get an A For Effort but You Need to Try Harder!

I’m having trouble writing my blog this morning because I’m sitting at Starbucks trying to write and everyone around me is talking about the Kings’ huge win last night. I’m a big Kings fan, so it’s hard to not engage!  For those of you who are not NHL Hockey fans, the Los Angeles Kings are…
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