Laughter- A Good Attitude Adjuster!

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday.  Growing up, my children always loved visits from Aunt Nancy because she was so much fun.  She would make them laugh and they would do anything for her!

Laughter makes us feel good!  Laughter supports our health.  Laughter is just plain fun!

Victor Borge said:


is the shortest distance

between two people


When students are starting to dig-in because something is hard for them, I often find that being playful or kidding with them, will adjust their attitude before it becomes a problem.

When my son was little, the last thing he wanted to do was study his reading flashcards.  He was a very active little hockey player, so sitting and doing flashcards was torture.  So I decided a little humor was needed.

Whenever we came to a word that was hard because it didn’t follow the phonetic rules, I made a big show of tossing it over my shoulder and into the “penalty box” because it didn’t follow the rules.  Kevin would fall apart laughing.  Such a silly little thing helped us get past the whining and through the flashcards with both of us in a better mood!

Students with learning challenges often experience a high degree of frustration and stress.  Taking a quick little laughter break can really help lighten the mood and bring the brain back to a productive state.

For some kids, a little tickle torture will do the trick.  A two-minute break to view a silly You-Tube video can get the whole family laughing.

Laughter goes a long way, but of course, it won’t fix the cause of a learning challenge.  Most of the time, when smart students struggle in school, it is because some of the underlying learning/processing skills that support school success are weak or inefficient.  The great news is, that these skills can be developed.  Learning really can become easier and more enjoyable.


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