I’m Not Being A Wild Child on Purpose!

Most of the time, parents bring their kids to us because they’re struggling with reading, math, or some other aspect of school.  But because the underlying skills that are needed for easy, efficient learning are the same skills that support behavior, attention, social skills, and overall functioning, there are many great changes that occur for…
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Back-to-School Prep

Back-to-School – Excitement or Dread? Back-to-School sales are everywhere! When I was a kid, I loved the preparation for going back to school – new clothes, new shoes, and all the cool new school supplies! People like NEW!  Our brains like NEW – it’s interesting and different. But for families whose children have traditionally struggled…
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Laughter- A Good Attitude Adjuster!

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday.  Growing up, my children always loved visits from Aunt Nancy because she was so much fun.  She would make them laugh and they would do anything for her! Laughter makes us feel good!  Laughter supports our health.  Laughter is just plain fun! Victor Borge said: Laughter is the shortest distance…
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