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What if “Try Harder” isn’t the Answer?

Ashley was a bright, popular, engaging 11th grader who was failing History and barely scraping by in her other classes.  Her parents and teachers were extremely frustrated with her underachievement and were adamant that if she would just try harder, she would get better grades.  Her parents were fearful for her future as her apparent…
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7 Myths and the Truth About Learning Challenges

Myth #1:  People with learning challenges just aren’t that smart. Truth:  By definition, students with learning disabilities have average to above average intelligence.  This is why it is so frustrating and confusing for all involved when otherwise typical students struggle in school Myth #2:  Students who struggle in school are just lazy. Truth:  After multiple…
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Why is Change so Hard?

Once when I was traveling in Europe, I heard some American tourists grumbling that things just weren’t the same in Europe as they are at home!  “Of course not,” I thought.  “Isn’t that why we travel to other countries?  To experience something different?” Most of us do like routine and predictability in our lives most…
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