Poor grades

Why is Change so Hard?

Once when I was traveling in Europe, I heard some American tourists grumbling that things just weren’t the same in Europe as they are at home!  “Of course not,” I thought.  “Isn’t that why we travel to other countries?  To experience something different?” Most of us do like routine and predictability in our lives most…
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HOMEWORK: Bonding Time or Battleground?

I’m sitting in Starbucks writing and sipping a hot cup of coffee, listening to a dad and young son enjoying doing homework.  Did you get that?  ENJOYING doing homework.  The little boy needed a fair amount of guidance and Dad was very patient, but the instruction was received with smiles and understanding. I think that’s…
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Reclaim Self-Esteem by Overcoming Learning Challenges

I was at the ice rink to watch a hockey game, but a 4-year-old girl and her 2-year-old brother totally upstaged the game as they exuberantly raced up and down in front of the bleachers! Aren’t little kids great!  They embrace life with gusto and pull everyone around them into their adventure. As kids grow,…
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