Poor grades

Creative, Talented, Smart, And Struggling – Confusing But Not Uncommon

Last night, in Uniondale, New York, Ringling Brothers Circus performed its last show.  After 146 years, is has closed forever.  Regardless of what side of the animal rights issue you’re on, you have to appreciate the incredible talent of the performers. When I think of creative, talented people, my mind always goes to our students. …
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Frankie’s Story- The Catalyst for Change

Last week I attended a media training event and was interviewed by Mike Koenigs.  He asked me about the root of my passion for correcting learning and attention challenges.  And I remembered a student, a 12-year-old boy… Thirty-five years ago, I was teaching special education in a public school when Frankie slouched through my door. …
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I Want My Happy Child Back!

I HATE shrimp – especially the tiny ones used to make shrimp cocktail.  I hate how they look, how they smell, how they feel in my mouth, and how they taste.  I have a visceral reaction to shrimp, and needless-to-say, as an adult, I NEVER eat them. At our Parent Information Night last week, a…
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