Learning disabilities

Frankie’s Story- The Catalyst for Change

Last week I attended a media training event and was interviewed by Mike Koenigs.  He asked me about the root of my passion for correcting learning and attention challenges.  And I remembered a student, a 12-year-old boy… Thirty-five years ago, I was teaching special education in a public school when Frankie slouched through my door. …
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Is Poor Executive Function Getting Your Child in Trouble?

The bell rings.  Eleven-year-old Kasey explodes from her desk and races out the door, knocking into a few desks, trampling a few toes, and elbowing several classmates out of the way.  She is SO ready for recess and trots off to grab a ball before anyone else does. Kasey has no idea that there is…
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I Want My Happy Child Back!

I HATE shrimp – especially the tiny ones used to make shrimp cocktail.  I hate how they look, how they smell, how they feel in my mouth, and how they taste.  I have a visceral reaction to shrimp, and needless-to-say, as an adult, I NEVER eat them. At our Parent Information Night last week, a…
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