Learning disabilities

All Kinds of Talents, All Kinds of Minds

I’m writing this on Memorial Day, a holiday that many of us value as a day off we get to spend with our families, but also a day to remember, with tremendous gratitude, the soldiers who have given their lives for their country and freedom. I got to thinking about what it takes to be a…
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Creative, Talented, Smart, And Struggling – Confusing But Not Uncommon

Last night, in Uniondale, New York, Ringling Brothers Circus performed its last show.  After 146 years, is has closed forever.  Regardless of what side of the animal rights issue you’re on, you have to appreciate the incredible talent of the performers. When I think of creative, talented people, my mind always goes to our students. …
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Move Your Body, Energize Your Brain

Have you ever sat in a long meeting or seminar and found yourself getting sleepy, antsy, and dying for a break so you could get up and move around? Research shows that physical movement can enhance clarity, attention, and readiness for learning.  Physical movement increases oxygen flow to the brain, improving alertness, concentration, and receptivity. …
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