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Episode 61: School Refusal, Digital Media, and Medication and ADHD – Dr. Keeban Nam


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    Parents only want the best for their kids. But parenting doesn't come with a handbook, so when new and challenging situations come up, it can be difficult to know what the "right" answer is.


    At this unique time in history, the pandemic only exacerbated some of these challenges, making it even more difficult for parents, teachers, families, and students, especially those with learning or attention challenges.


    In this episode, Jill Stowell and Dr. Keeban Nam, psychiatrist at Oak Health Center in Laguna Hills, California, navigate through a small handful of challenging topics that parents are facing today to lay a foundation of knowledge and guidance for parents who may not know where to start.


    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • School Refusal: What it is, and why it is even more prevalent since the pandemic
    • Digital Media: How it has changed communication, its effect on teens and families, and how parents can set appropriate guidelines
    • Medication and ADHD: When is it helpful, and who to talk to

    Episode Highlight

    "In my opinion, there’s definitely some theoretical basis to understand that anxiety has increased in relation to the introduction of technology and digital media."

    - Dr. Keeban Nam