Episode 34: Mental Health – Sleep and Learning – Dr. Giancarlo Licata


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    Did you know that sleep is when our brain processes emotions and information?

    Yet studies reveal that Americans are very sleep deprived like over 70% of teens, for example. 

    Our podcast guest this week is Dr. Licata who has helped over 2,000 clients, including professional athletes from the NFL, MLB and the NCAA with brain-based tools to reduce pain and increase performance. He shares how sleep can be the catalyst or hindrance to making any type of progress.


    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • The powerful impact of sleep on learning and living
    • How to know if you are getting enough good sleep
    • What the brain does with information while we sleep

    Episode Highlight

    "Every person, every human being has a DNA predisposition to be either what we call night owls or morning larks or somewhere in between…Getting those 8 hours of sleep are not going to be created equal.”

    - Dr. Licata



    Bonus Q&A

    How do light, music, and meals affect our sleep?

    Tune in to the Bonus Q&A with Dr. Licata to hear his findings and how to get started tracking your sleep with the right routine and technology.

    Episode Transcripts

    LD Expert Podcast Episode 34 Dr. Licata - Sleep and Learning

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