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Episode 42: Video Games and What They Do to the Brain – Dr. Regine Muradian


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    Are you concerned about your kids spending too much time playing video games this winter break?

    It’s a fine balance between letting them enjoy the time off and maintaining healthy habits like regular sleep.

    This week’s podcast guest is Dr. Muradian, a licensed clinical psychologist, author, speaker, consultant, and mental health advocate. She is also the mom of three children and really understands the daily challenges of being a parent and the stressors associated with juggling a career and family life. 

    Tune in to hear the great strategies that she uses not only in her practice, but also at home with her kids to create healthy boundaries around video games and completing tasks.

    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • The effects of video games on the brain, behavior and Executive Function
    • How to negotiate healthy boundaries around video games and technology with your kids
    • Communication strategies to help kids with learning and attention challenges develop Executive Function and a sense of independence

    Episode Highlight

    When we normalize that as adults we can make errors and mistakes. It's natural. It normalizes it for the kids."

    - Dr. Muradian



    Bonus Q&A

    How can you tell if your child is addicted to video games?

    Dr. Muradian answers this and more in the Bonus Q&A.

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