A Student’s Perspective on SLC

I just have to share this with you.  This is an email I received from a 16-year old student on his last day at Stowell Learning Center.  This was a boy, who at 15, when he came to us, was so shutdown, and had such challenges with language and comprehension, that he didn’t look at…
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Dyslexia –Talents, Tears, and Solutions

A friend at church was catching me up on her grown sons.  As she talked about the incredible mechanical abilities of one of her sons, who can completely take apart car and motorcycle engines and easily reconstruct them, I thought, “He must be dyslexic.” Certainly not every person with strong mechanical abilities is dyslexic, but…
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Clinical Openings for our Chino and Irvine Centers!

We are looking for quick learners who love kids, love working with people, and who want to make a real difference for students who struggle.  We may be looking for YOU! Clinical Openings for our Chino and Irvine centers:  Clinicians needed to provide specialized one-to-one instruction for students with dyslexia and other learning and attention…
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