90I just have to share this with you.  This is an email I received from a 16-year old student on his last day at Stowell Learning Center.  This was a boy, who at 15, when he came to us, was so shutdown, and had such challenges with language and comprehension, that he didn’t look at or speak to anyone.  He had tremendous difficulty expressing himself and was often very resistant.

I am so proud of Steve and his SLC team for the effort and persistence that has brought him to the point of being such an articulate, thoughtful young man who cares about his education and his future.

Steve…we just cant wait to hear what you do with your life.  All the best in 11th grade next year!

Steve’s Email:

When I first attended here in early 2015, I was anxious. I was very nervous. I had not been in school since September of 2014. Throughout the first months, I learned P.A.C.E., rebuilt my math skills and foundations, and A.S.T. comprehension. For math, back in middle school through early high school, I did not even try doing any of the math homework. I felt as if I could not do it and lacked motivation. Once I came over to Stowell they proceeded to teach me the very basics of math, to build a foundation then on-wards towards higher grade math. I felt much more confident in math. I had a feeling of “Wow, I can actually do this” and my motivation for math grew. With A.S.T. comprehension, it helped me slow down with reading since I was basically Speedy McGee, which did not help at all with remembering the story such as main points, the plot, why this character did this or that, etc. A.S.T. comprehension also helped me in reading more fluently and make pictures in my head to better help me remember the story. P.A.C.E. I found fun and interesting. It is essentially brain games to train your mind and challenge it. With P.A.C.E., it helped me to focus, think quicker, and solve problems and puzzles as quick as possible. With each level getting more challenging and interesting, surely it benefited me.

After the summer of 2015, my programs changed since I was going back to school, but the school was not just an ordinary one, it was a middle college. My new school assigned more homework than a regular school, so my programs at Stowell helped me more on doing my homework and organization, which is executive function and Q.R.I. These programs started to play a beneficial role for me. I have always had pretty bad anxiety that made it so much more harder for me to focus in school and have a social life. It was very limiting for me. Q.R.I. relaxes your body, as well as integrate your reflexes, which helps in learning and being more focused in a learning environment. Q.R.I. reduced my anxiety and helped in learning. Executive function helped me in visualizing which homework to do and helped with my organization skills.

The clinicians were very helpful and motivated towards helping me turn in my homework and step up my game for this school year. I was assigned to read 2 books on a career I may be interested in. I chose Life Coaching, since I enjoy helping people who need it such as in their job, events and situations in life that affect them, etc. The 2 books were over 300 pages long, and with the foundation  A.S.T. comprehension provided, it helped me on better visualizing and remembering what I read and understand the points so much more.

I can really say that without Stowell, I would not be as focused, motivated, confident, and comfortable to be back in school. They have truly helped me, and I can not describe how thankful I am to have had the chance for them to help me grow in life and at school. The clinicians made me feel comfortable here and they became sort of like older siblings that you could connect with and help you, in my opinion. I will always remember my time being here, the memories of creating spirit weeks for all of the students attending Stowell, setting up a field trip, laughing, learning, thinking about my future more, and much much more. I am honored to have attended here, and it has been an experience that I shall always be glad for. I truly would not be the better me I am today without the Stowell family!

Sincerely, Steve Lopez


This is why we love what we do at SLC!

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