Homework Blues Already?

At our Parent Information Meeting this week, a parent shared that her son spends 5 hours a night on what should be less than an hour of homework. Another parent said about their son, who also seems to do nothing but homework once he gets home from school, “We just want him to have his life…
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Watch Out for the Technology Trap!

This adorable picture of 19-month old Jaxon matching letters on an iPad was posted by his mom on Instagram this week. Isn’t it amazing what technology can offer our kids these days.  Even more amazing is how adept kids (even toddlers) are with it!  It’s mind-boggling! What fun it is to see the problem-solving, attention,…
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“I Don’t Want My Son Accommodated!”

At a Parent Information Meeting recently, a mom shared about her 7-year-old’s reading challenges. She finished by saying, “I Don’t Want My Son Accommodated!” This is not a stubborn parent or a parent in denial. Of course she wants support in place at school to help her son feel more successful. But fewer spelling words…
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