Can You Hear Me Now?

Can you hear me now?? Wait…What?…You’re cutting in and out. Recognize this conversation?  Of course you do.  We’ve ALL experienced a bad cell phone connection. And it’s incredibly irritating, anxiety-provoking, attention-destroying, and short-lived.  We lose our comprehension as we unsuccessfully try to connect the dots, so we hang up and try the call again. But…
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Help Your Child Feel CONFIDENT and LOVE School Again!

Parents: There is Hope and Real Solutions for Learning and Attention Challenges, Including Dyslexia   What Makes Us Different? We do what schools and tutoring don’t. We specialize in treating the root problem of learning & attention challenges by developing the weak, underlying processing & learning skills. No More Band-Aid approaches—get to the root of…
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END The Homework Battle, Permanently

Parents: END The Homework Battle, Permanently If you HOPED this year would be better, and it’s not . . . If you just want your child to LOVE school again . . . There is hope . . . and REAL solutions. We specialize in ending Learning and Attention Challenges, including Dyslexia, by developing the weak,…
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