Jill Stowell

Resolutions Worth Keeping

Yep! We all do it! Every January, adults the world over make resolutions to eat better, get more exercise, and appreciate themselves and others more. We seem to inherently know that these things are important to our health. Did you know these things are exactly what kids need, too? What is frequently overlooked is the…
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The holiday season is a time of transformation. The landscape turns into a winter wonderland (more naturally in some parts of the country than others)! Attitudes and outlook are transformed. My living room has been transformed into a display case for a miniature winter village. Transformation is a hopeful idea. It means that things that…
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How Retained Reflexes Impact Behavior and Learning

It’s the holidays, and along with the fun comes a whole other set of stressors that may cause already inflexible children (and their families) to miss the magic. Why Does My Child Act This Way? A big snowstorm near one airport can cause flight delays and cancellations all over the country. While people got to…
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