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Episode 74: Dyslexia and Imposter Syndrome – Jill Stowell


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    In this episode, Jill Stowell discusses how dyslexia impacts self-esteem and identity, often leading to imposter syndrome. 


    Dyslexic students frequently hide their struggles, which can be mistaken for laziness or ADHD. These masking behaviors can cause significant emotional stress and anxiety. 


    Despite the challenges, dyslexic individuals often possess unique strengths and talents. 


    Understanding and addressing the root causes of dyslexia can lead to significant improvements and help students thrive.


    Jill also gives in-depth answers the following frequently asked questions about dyslexia:

    1. Is dyslexia a permanent condition?
    2. What does brain science say about dyslexia?
    3. How do I know if my child has dyslexia?
    4. Should I get my child tested for dyslexia?
    5. Will the school test for dyslexia?
    6. Is dyslexia when students reverse letters or read backwards?
    7. Is there more than one kind of dyslexia?
    8. What are common symptoms of dyslexia?

    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • The significant impact of dyslexia on self-esteem, identity, and mental health.
    • How dyslexic individuals often mask their difficulties, leading to misdiagnosis and increased stress.
    • The importance of understanding and addressing the root causes of dyslexia for effective intervention and improved outcomes.

    Episode Highlight


    "Imagine just how stressful it is to go to school every day knowing that today might be the day that you get embarrassed by being called to read in class or everyone sees your low test score."

    -Jill Stowell


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    Take the Stone Out of the Shoe: A Must-Have Guide to Understanding, Supporting, and Correcting Dyslexia, Learning, and Attention Challenges - by Jill Stowell