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Episode 59: Autism: Diagnosis and Roadmap – Lindsey Sterling


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    In this episode, we're talking to Dr. Lindsey Sterling - a clinical psychologist and founder of the Sterling Institute in Naples, CA. Dr. Sterling focuses on child psychology and specializes in autism and neurodiversity research and treatment.

    This conversation provides an in-depth look at the autism evaluation and diagnosis process, including where to go and what it should look like for people of different age groups.

    Getting an autism diagnosis can be scary at first, but there is a huge amount of relief and understanding that follows. A diagnosis is the first step to truly understanding an autistic person's behaviors, motivations, and social-emotional relatability.

    In this episode we also dig into why autism is often easy to miss in girls, and the prevalence of anxiety and depression in people with autism.

    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • Autism Diagnosis: where to get it, why it's important, and how it helps everyone
    • Why autism is harder to spot in girls
    • Autism and mental health

    Episode Highlight

    "Be comfortable with and celebrate your child being different...Different can be hard but different doesn’t mean bad. It actually can be wonderful."

    - Lindsey Sterling


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