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Episode 55: How Processing Skills Impact Behavior and Attention – Jill Stowell

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    Processing skills are a group of skills essential to learning that aren’t really taught, but are assumed to be in place.


    These are skills like memory, attention, auditory, visual, and language processing, logic and reasoning, and processing speed.


    These skills impact each other and if any of these underlying skills are underdeveloped or inefficient, it will stress the attention system, impact behavior, and cause learning to be harder than it should be.


    In this episode, we'll talk about processing skills in detail: What they are, what processing skills challenges look like in struggling students, and training that can permanently eliminate those struggles.

    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • What processing skills are
    • What processing skills challenges look like in struggling learners
    • An example of a memory training exercise that also improves concentration and mental flexibility

    Episode Highlight

    "The brain is a powerful resource. At any age, we can stimulate our cognitive skills for more efficient thinking and functioning."

    -Jill Stowell



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