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Episode 47: Understand and Improve Your Child’s Attention – Dr. Giancarlo Licata


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    How many times do you have to say, "Pay attention!" before your child finally gets the message?
    Turns out paying attention is not as simple as it seems, but it can be trained.

    This week's podcast guest is Dr. Giancarlo Licata, founder of Vital Brain Training and Vital Head and Spinal Care, which is a brain based health practice in Pasadena, California, focusing on brain based tools to improve pain and performance.

    He shares what different types of attention challenges look like, what's happening in the brain, and what you can do to support your child with attention challenges.

    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • The difference between impulsivity and inattention
    • Things that can disrupt attention or mimic attention challenges 
    • Simple day-to-day things that can help improve attention

    Episode Highlight

    Regarding fidgety kids: “The nervous system is just tuned up too high, and so movement ends up being a way to kind of lower that arousal.”

    - Dr. Licata



    Bonus Q&A

    What kind of doctor do I see to test for ADD or ADHD?

    Tune in to the Bonus Q&A with Dr. Licata to hear his guidance on the following questions and more:

    • How can I discern why my child cannot make eye contact when I'm trying to get him to liste
    • What is your strategy for improving working memory
    • What kind of therapy do you recommend to help my seven year old with big emotions and executive function skills?

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