What Parents and Students Say

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Misdiagnosed by Two Professionals

“My daughter was diagnosed by her pediatrician and special education testing as ADD but Stowell Learning Center diagnosed her as being dyslexic. When she finished the summer session at SLC, she was no longer reading at 1st grade level but instead was reading at 5th grade level.

By the time Raquel reached high school she was a 4.0 student and ranked 25th in her junior class of 652 students. She graduated in 2005 with 4.0. She is currently attending University of Nevada, Reno and will graduate in 2010 as Geological Engineer maintaining a 3.95 grade point average.

The techniques that were taught to my daughter as an 8 year old still remain as her success tools.  She has never given up even if it was difficult.  She is a very intelligent young women and has astonished my husband and I.  We are so lucky that we found Stowell Learning Center when she was a 3rd grader because without your techniques, I believe she wouldn’t have the confidence she has now.

Thank You!

P.S. I hope her story will continue to give hope to these special children who learned in a different way.”


Major Breakthrough in Reading

“…The PACE program really worked. He has more confidence with school and he’s made a MAJOR breakthrough in Reading.”


No Tears or Frustrations and Dramatic Changes in School

“I cannot tell you how thrilled we continue to be in seeing the changes in Jacob. We have seen dramatic change in his work in school as well as him as a person. Today he wrote a 2-paragraph summary… that in the past would have taken 3 days to write…it took him 1 hour with no help from anyone. And no tears or frustrations. Yesterday, he read to me out of his science book (his most high-level text), and it was so smooth and effortless, I thought I might cry! We (including Jacob) are on cloud nine here.”


You Make a Mom’s Heart Smile

“Since the beginning of the program, I’ve noticed Zach reading much better- smoother, clearer. His attitude about homework and chores is better, also. Thank you for the time and effort the staff has put into my son – makes a mom’s heart smile!”


Principal’s Honor Roll Both Semesters with a 3.5 GPM

“Thought you would be interested to know that Jared has made the Principal’s Honor Roll at Sonrise Christian School for both semesters with a 3.75 GPA. Needless to say Gerry and I are very proud of him but we certainly give most of the credit to Stowell Learning Center. Learning does not come easy to Jared but with the tools your program provided, he has definitely gained the leading edge. Thank you for your commitment to helping our children.”


WOW! Remarkable Progress in Such a Short Time!

“I just wanted to say this is remarkable progress in such a short time! When we do some of the VV homework, it’s a lot more fun because his frustration levels seem to have gone down a lot. WOW!”


A True Blessing to Discover Your Center

“I want to thank you for the wonderful work you and your talented staff accomplished on behalf of Jay during the past 16 months. He has certainly grown scholastically in ALL areas of his school work and socially, the difference is quite dramatic as well. My husband and I feel it is a true blessing that we were able to discover your center last year and begin to restructure Jay’s learning processes…”


Made a Difference in Every Area

“The biggest change has been improved organizational skills which has made a difference in every area. He is more responsible for his own homework and his self-confidence has dramatically increased. His grades are better than they have been for years… It’s definitely worth the time and money.”


Thank you for NOT Giving Up on Gavin

“I wanted to say thank you for not giving up on Gavin. Thanks for finding that Behavior Modification Program. His attitude, self-esteem, general happiness, and openness to learning improved dramatically. I am so impressed with the PACE program, and Discover Math has some really good techniques that helped make learning easier.”


You truly have answered my prayers for Adam

“I can’t begin to tell you how much you have done for Adam…You truly have answered my prayers for Adam… It’s exciting to see him beam about his grades. We’re seeing so many A’s on his assignments…

This is so wonderful especially after being told that Adam would never be more than a “C” student… I just want to “Thank You” for helping in making the right choices for Adam this last year. Adam and I have grown a great deal and have become good friends.”


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